General - T & Cs

IPL Predict and win Terms & conditions

  • winner will get two voucher of Rs.500/-
  • Voucher can be redeemed on food & Bar
  • each voucher of Rs.500/- will be redeemed on billing of Rs.2000/- each
  • Voucher Can Not be replaced with cash
  • Not Valid on take aways and Home delivery
  • Left over food or drinks will not be allowed to take way from the restaurant Premises
  • actual and original copy of the voucher require
  • email voucher , whatsapp image , print out of voucher will not be accepted
  • any digital form of voucher will not be accpted
  • valid for one month from the date of issue.
  • winner can collect voucher after two days of declaration.
  • first prediction will be considered if there are multiple submission of prediction


  • Music will flow through genres beginning from Retro and Rock to Hiphop/ House&Commercial house
  • Requests will be entertained as per the availability of track and the tempo of music
  • Bollywood music will be played abiding to the management's decision
  • Song request is a privilege not a right
  • 1+1 Drought Beer valid only at Juhu,Bandra&Malad outlet


  • 1+1 domestic brands – kindly ask for the list of brands
  • Valid from 11:00 am till 7pm
  • A horn will be blown at 7pm sharp, after which no order will fall under happy hours
  • 2+1 on domestic beer
  • Order once placed during happy hours will not be cancelled
  • 1+1 on Budweiser and Fosters


  • Validity of an offer is subject to the availability of stock
  • Offers are subject to change,short of any prior notice
  • All-day offers remain valid from 12pm till 12am
  • Free offered food/drinks will not be parceled

Daily Offers - T & Cs


2 PEG OF VODKA on the house for da LADIES
  • 1 peg being 30ml
  • Offer Valid from 12:00 pm till 12:00am
  • 1mixture mandatory with 2pegs


  • FOSTER'S PINT 1+1 ALL day long!
  • 650ml bottle served at the price of a Pint


UNLIMITED VODKA on da house for da LADIES
  • 1 peg being 30ml
  • Offer valid from 7pm till 12:00am
  • 1 mixture mandatory with 2pegs
  • Any guy found drinking the free vodka meant for the
  • Ladies will be charged for the vodka and the offer will be announced invalid for the table immediately


  • 1+1 BEER all day long!
  • Offer valid onBudweiser & Fosters, wherein 650ml bottle will be served at the price of a Pint
  • Domestic brands will be charged at 2+1
  • Imported Beers will not be a part of the offers
  • Ladies will be charged for the vodka and the offer will be announced invalid for the table immediately


  • 1+1 Wine
  • Offer validonly on glass of wine and not the bottle
  • Bollywood Night
  • Bollywood Music will be played as per the DJ's collections, withthe management's decisions being the last and final in terms of requests


  • 1 Free Flame shot @ DA BAR COUNTER!
  • Free Flame Shot will be availed only at the barand will not be served at the table
  • 1 person is entitled to have not more than 1 free shot


  • 1+1 SIZZLER all day long!
  • Free sizzler will be same as the sizzlerordered
  • Veg sizzler can be served on an order of chicken sizzler
  • However, chicken sizzler will not be served on an order of veg sizzler
  • Lamb sizzler & Seafood sizzler is not a part of this offer
  • Free sizzler will not be parceled



  • Rude Lounge Privilege membership is open to individuals above 18 years of age.
  • Rude Lounge reserves the right to refuse Rude Lounge Privilege membership to any applicant without assigning any reason.
  • Usage of the Rude Lounge Privilege Card indicates the acceptance of all the said terms and conditions, which are subject to revision from time to time by Rude Lounge.
  • Rude Lounge Privilege C Cards are non-transferable and can be used only by the sole member whose signature appears on the signature panel on the reverse of the card.
  • Any Rude Lounge employee has the right to verify member’s signature and to ascertain the identity of the member. Benefits may be refused and the card be taken back if a non-member is found using the card.
  • Rude Lounge reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations of this programme without prior notice.
  • Rude Lounge reserves the right to use the Rude Lounge Privilege membership data for the purpose of marketing or communication for enhancement of the programme.
  • Any disputes arising under this programme are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
  • RU-DESERVE card does not act as a right to admission.
  • Points will not be added to the card if the payment is done through Sodexho, Free coupons or Sponsored vouchers.
  • Points can be gained even if any in-house offer is availed.
  • Points will not be added on to the card on any item that is served as complimentary.
  • The points will be calculated on your total bill. However, the amount on bill considered will be excluding taxes.
  • If you intend on redeeming the point available on the card, then you must carry your RU-DESERVE card.
  • Points earned will be instantly alerted to you through your registered mobile number.
  • RU-DESERVE card will be activated only once the necessary documents and forms have been submitted / filled.

Remember: Card Usage Norms

  • Validate your card by signing on the reverse as soon as it is received.
  • Usage of the card indicates acceptance of terms and conditions of the Rude Lounge Privilege Membership.
  • Rude Lounge Privilege Cards are not Credit Cards.
  • Rude Lounge Privilege Cards remain the property of Rude Lounge at all times and must be produced/ returned on request.
  • All rights to ownership and usage of the Card rest with Rude Lounge.
  • Report loss of Card at our Customer Service Desk. Duplicate Cards will be issued at a nominal cost of 100
  • Information on any change in your address / telephone numbers / e-mail address must be immediately communicated to at the Customer Service Desk.