General - T & Cs

BNI ICPL4 Voucher


  • 1. Vouchers are redeemable only on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at all Rude Outlets.
  • 2. Vouchers are Valid till 28th February 2019.
  • 3. Vouchers are not valid on 25th Dec (Xmas) and 31st Dec (New Year).
  • 4. Vouchers cannot be clubbed with any other Discounts, e.g. Corporate Discounts, Online Promotion, In-house Offers etc.
  • 5. Gift Vouchers will be subject to verification at the time of Presentation.
  • 6. Vouchers must be mentioned at the time of booking with the restaurant.
  • 7. Vouchers are the sole responsibility of the holder, the Hotel does not accept responsibility for vouchers that are lost or mislaid, protect them as you would cash.
  • 8. Voucher valid for only 4 people.


  • Music will flow through genres beginning from Retro and Rock to Hiphop/ House&Commercial house
  • Requests will be entertained as per the availability of track and the tempo of music
  • Bollywood music will be played abiding to the management's decision
  • Song request is a privilege not a right
  • 1+1 Drought Beer valid only at Juhu,Bandra&Malad outlet


  • Validity of an offer is subject to the availability of stock
  • Offers are subject to change,short of any prior notice
  • All-day offers remain valid from 12pm till 12am
  • Free offered food/drinks will not be parceled

Daily Offers - T & Cs

Monday – Vodka Todka

  • Vodka 1+1 (30ml)
  • Offer Valid from 8pm to 12midnight
  • Smirnoff

Tuesday – Whiskey Risky

  • 1+1 (30ml peg)
  • Offer Valid from 8pm to 12midnight
  • AQ Blue, Signature
  • Subject to as per Availability

Wednesday – Ladies Night

  • 4 Vodka / 4 cocktails on the house for the ladies
  • 1 peg being 30ml
  • Offer valid from 7pm to 12am
  • Any guy found drinking the free vodka meant for the Ladies will be charged for the vodka and the offer will be announced invalid for the table immediately

Thursday – Beer Sheer

  • Draught Beer – 1+1
  • Foster, Kingfisher
  • Bottle Beer 2+1
  • Subject to as per Availability

Friday – Wine & Shine

  • 1+1 Wine
  • Offer Valid on Glass of Wine & not on Bottle
  • Bollywood Night
  • Bollywood Music will be played as per the DJ's collections, with the management's decisions being the last and final in terms of requests

Saturday – Bucket Shuket & Free Flame Shot

  • Bucket offer – 3+1 – As per Availability
  • 1 Free Flame Shot @ bar Counter
  • Free Flame Shot will be availed only at the bar and will not be served at the table
  • 1 person is entitled to have not more than 1 free shot

Sunday – Sizzling Sunday

  • 1+1 SIZZLER all day long!
  • Free sizzler will be same as the sizzler ordered
  • Veg sizzler can be served on an order of chicken sizzler
  • However, chicken sizzler will not be served on an order of veg sizzler
  • Lamb sizzler & Seafood sizzler is not a part of this offer
  • Free sizzler will not be parceled