Be the proud owner of a RU-DE SERVE CARD, the trendiest card in town.

This RUDICIOUSLY delightful card lets you not only collect points with every bill you make, but also gives you a ridiculously

irresistible offer of converting them to money value**!

What is ru-deserve Card?

Spend same, save more.

What’s a RU-DESERVE card?

Why do I need a RU-DESERVE card?

What would I do with some points?

Is there anything more?

Okay. Sounds interesting. Where and how can I get my hands on a RU-DESERVE card?

Can I use this card combined with any other offers happening at Rude Lounge?

What if I lose my card? Then what?

Anything else I should know about?


If you from the corporate world then we have something special in store for you! Simply mail us your company details and we will have our marketing manager on his way to you with replicas of the RU-DESERVE card, for your entire organisation! Interested? Mail us now info@3forks.co.in