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Gurmeet singh: The Master!

This genuinely unique Admin Head of ours has two extremely different focuses in his profile, such that he might as well pass off with a split personality disorder! Well, he doesn’t! He is, *hold your breath*, an M.B.A and a Hockey professional who has done his Sports Management as well. His super friendly attitude makes him the easiest person to talk to or share a cup of ‘chai’ with. He has a remarkable 10 years of experience in the sports field and 13 years in the Admin! Minus him from the company for a few days and there will be chaos! Why? Neither can an employee leave Rude, nor join it. Scary!

Home Portfolio

Chef Ram Singh: The Man With Magic Fingers!

With a mighty 21 years of experience, this man right here has always loved the magic of blending flavours and aromas. He is a true chef when it involves the art of creating new dishes that is impeccably perfected so as to make the taster believe he is chomping on delicious drops of white fairy heaven! Contrary to the Food Magician that he is, he is the most humble, down to earth man anybody can ever meet! His smile brightens with every compliment he receives. He has certainly received a lot more than a million compliments; surely making his smile bright enough to light up the entire of Mumbai city!