" Why Choose Us "


Just starters? Naaah! Rude has much more! The place has a full course meal to offer! Rude Lounge certainly has an upper hand over the rudicioulsly delicious food section. Rude prides its multi-talented chefs for their magical recipes! Rude Lounge is well known for Chinese, continental, Indian and Tandoori cuisines! Be it Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian that you prefer, our wide varieties of delicacies will have you asking for more!


For the ones looking out for new liquor’s to taste and relish, look no further for Rude Lounge is your final destination! Ask for imported or Indian, we have them all under one roof to satisfy your alcohol urges! Don’t miss out on the exotic blends from our very own crazy bartenders! Mocktails ‘n’ Cocktails? It’s a REAL treat!


Dub Rude Lounge as the “King of Offers!” Once you get here, it won’t take you long to realize that you save more than you spend! Every day’s special offers are tailored to suit your ultimate cravings and desires! Don’t believe us? TRY us!


A lil’ bit of this ‘n’ a lil’ bit of that! Have your pick with the widely talented Rude DJ’s as they play for you the definitive hits of all times from genres extending from hip-hop, Retro, Rock, House, and Progressive all the way to the ever loved desi Bollywood beats! Ain’t that the craziest audio-treat ever?